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Restaurant Zrno Soli – Perfect Food and an amazing Terrace

Restaurant Zrno Soli (‘Grain of Salt’) is a stylish fish restaurant with tables overlooking the bobbing yachts. It is a busy restaurant – especially on Saturday in the summer but they always go out of their way to make each and every guest feel special. So during summer time always make a reservation at least two days in advance otherwise you will not find a vacant table. The menu is extensive, the fresh seafood is always top notch, but all the dishes on the menu are very good. It’s wonderful to have such a good restaurant in the Marina and the fact that they are open year round is an added bonus.

Zrno soli employs best chef in Split and probably one of the top 10 in Croatia, do not miss a chance to try his marvelous cuisine. Only remark are the prices which are at least 20% higher than in other restaurants in Split, but one thing is for sure you will feel nice at this place and will eat excellent food.

Winelist is excellent – concentrating on Croatian wines as would be expected but offering other wines on the high end as well.

If you are in Split and want to see the city from a different angle or just want a great meal Zrno Soli will not disappoint you.

PRICE RANGE $: from 160,00 HRK per person

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